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What Separates Me From You

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In the beginning I was upfront.
Nothing to think about, you’d always hear me out.
We made a pact and never gave up.
When everything would change, we always stayed the same.
But something went wrong along the way.
You come around and there’s nothing left to say.
It’s like we’re strangers anyway. What more could you ask of me?
It’s been a long time coming,
but everyone’s gonna hear me now.
If I leave, but you’ll wish I stayed.
Make you regret all the things you said to me.
You know that time can’t help us now,
If I leave this way.
I’ll still move away and try to right all the wrongs we’ve ever made.
Won’t let your problems weigh me down if I leave this way.
I’ve always been a man of action—never let anything keep a hold of me.
I can always tell when something is missing,
Like I know everything except for you and me.
I can’t make you want to stay.
God knows I tried but this broke under our weight.
I still gave it everything.
I guess I’ll never catch my breath.
I never thought you’d be the last one standing.
I never thought that things would come this far.
You’ll always be there looking over my shoulder.
I’ve come to terms with exactly what we are.

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