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What Separates Me From You

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I’m a mess!
That’s the best way to describe it.
Having no time to myself’s the only way I can fight it.
When I’m alone, it’s like I’m staring into a mirror.
Don’t know the person inside and that’s never been any clearer.

I miss your family and I miss all our friends.
If you had it to do over would you do it over again?
‘Cause I would. This meant something more to me.
There’s a hole in my heart where you used to be.

I still wish you the best of luck baby.
And don’t go thinking that this was a waste of time,
I couldn’t forget you if I tried.

You killed what was left of the good in me.
I’m tired, so let me be broken.
Look down at the mess that’s in front of me.
No others word’s need be spoken.
I’ve got nobody else to blame though I tried.
Kept all our past mistakes held inside.
I’ll live with regret for my whole life.

I confess that I brought this all on myself;
condemned to suffer alone, like there’s nobody else.
When you’re gone, it’s like a whole part of me’s missing,
so I’ll keep living the lie, and just hope that you’re listening.

I tried to make us a life here,
but our foundation was built on sand.
No time to run, until the damage was done.
I never had the upper hand.

All the things you love are all the things I hate.
How did we get here in the first place?

I play it cool but it’s hard to be.
All my trust is slowly fading inside of me. Over what?
There can’t be anymore progress, I know our fate.
Only thing that can heal this is time and space.

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