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What Separates Me From You

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I am fueled by all forms of failure.
I paid the price, so I’ll take what’s mine.

Bet ya didn’t see that one coming,
‘cause I do as I please and apologize for nothing.
My time is flying but I’m still second to none.
Always shining the brightest, when I’m place under the gun. (God damn)
So here I stand, the only son of a working-class man.
I won’t be held back, I can’t be held down.

Where were you when my walls came falling down?
You tried to hide; you stood close by, and didn’t make a sound.

Where were you when it all came back around?
The reasons why you passed me by will always hold you down.

Find you some paper, and I’ll go grab you a pen.
You can start taking notes on this all started again.
Been dead last, but found my way to the front.
With my inspirational quotes on why I never gave up.

If you can’t stand the pressure
stay the fuck out of my way.
I know my place.
This one goes out to everyone who’s lied to my face.

I’m making a difference,
I’m taking a chance.
You can say what you want about me,
but no one can tell me I can’t.

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