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I’ve learned to let go.
Come on.
Here’s a middle finger comin’ straight from oca-la.
I appreciate your judgment it’s proved that I cant trust a word you say.
Those must be some pair of binoculars that you see every move I make,
so I’ll never be a liar,
but you’ll always be two faced.
You’ll get what’s comin’ to you.
You’re blinded by your instincts.
I’m not your fucking game.
I’m not so easily beat.
I’m looking down at this mess that you’ve made,
and I can’t believe that I stayed so unhappy for so long.
Where did I go wrong?
I’ve got to get out of this,
my hand is on the handle,
and we’re leaving everything behind.
Goodbye for a lifetime.
I’ll rip that scandalous bitch in two. We’ll bring the noise.
Try to pretend that I never even knew your name,
cause everything you are disgusts me.
Too bad I can’t turn back time so I wouldn’t be here.
Oh what I’d give for you to disappear.
Tell me girly, how’s your edge?
You’ve got nothing better to do.
I know why you can’t see straight.
I thought you were better than this,
but you’re just like everyone else.
I’ll make my stand right here with my friends.
Get low.
Now I know who my friends are.
I’m never coming home.

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